Founded by Lionello Rainieri and his wife, Anita, at the middle of the last century, Eurovo Group is now the world leader in the production of eggs and egg-products (powdered eggs and pasteurized eggs). Initially, the work consisted of eggs manual peeling that were stored in large vessels and then frozen. In 1965 Lionello Rainieri bought his first device for peeling eggs, thus laying the foundation of the present Eurovo Group.

Since the opening of the first factory in 1970, in Santa Maria, Fabriago, Eurovo Group has gradually expanded, investing in new packaging centers, young birds’ farms, laying hens’ farms and compound feed factories. It currently owns 17 production factories in Italy and abroad (France, Spain, Romania and Poland).

At present Eurovo Group is owned by Lionello family, being an example of a family company, as it is led by the two sons of Rainieri, Siro and Ireno (Claudio), by the grandchildren Silvia and Federico and all persons who, together with them, are involved with great enthusiasm in achieving a dream that comes true every day.

Eurovo Group's mission is to focus on meeting the needs of each customer, on continuous growth and constant focus on innovation. Eurovo Group is aware that, in a constantly developing market, for meeting the demands of specialized companies and of consumers, it means thinking of specific and avant-garde carefully studied products, meeting the balance between modernity and tradition.

As well, the Eurovo Group believes that safety and product quality are guaranteed by the control of the entire chain of production. As such, compliance with and exceeding the quality standards is a primary objective of Eurovo, at all stages of processing: from the production of food for the own birds, the raising of chickens, to packaging the final product.

In the Eurovo Group vision, respecting nature is essential: it involves both the welfare of the own birds, and ensuring healthy products in harmony with the environment.

In order to meet consumer demands, the Eurovo Group has focused its investments on alternative farming systems: biological, outdoors and on the ground. The approach subsumed to sustainable development, supported by a strong culture of responsibility and social involvement with deep roots, turns to value in numerous projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

The Group's mission and vision are supported by a strong involvement of the Research and Development Department, engaged in studying new products daily, breeding systems, automation and technology.

Strong by tradition and by the solid foundations on which it appeared the Group looks to the future objectives with the spirit of the one that has always believed in the value of labor and innovation power.

As part of the Eurovo Group, Super Eggs aligns both to its mission, vision, and to the values that it supports.