Super Eggs represents a company specialized in producing and marketing red and white eggs, powdered eggs and pasteurized eggs, being part of the European Eurovo Group.

Situated in Braila region, in the southeastern part of Romania, Super Eggs is in constant growth and expansion and differentiate itself on the market as it has total control over its product quality. This is the result of the fact that Super Eggs controls the entire production cycle, from young chicken farms to final products, including the feed used the birds, which is prepared in the own factory. Both raw materials and finished products resulting from the entire production circuit are analyzed in an authorized laboratory of the Company.

It is very important that Super Eggs is I.F.S certified and thus it can prove to customers that its products meet the highest standards of legal, safety and quality provisions.

Another aspect that differentiates Super Eggs on the market is the fact that it adapts to customer needs depending on the field in which they operate. Related to this, the powdered or pasteurized eggs are based on the specification required by the customer, so that products can be successfully used by him in what he produces.

It is relevant that Super Eggs also adapts to the quantitative needs of the customers. Thus, pasteurized eggs are delivered both in bag-in-boxes starting from 3 kg and in tanks of 20 tons and powdered eggs are delivered and packaged both in 250 kg boxes and in big boxes (big-boxes) of 650 kg.

The warranty offered by all these assets of Super Eggs and definitely the quality of its products, have as result the continuous and substantial increase the customers number and the quantities delivered.

Therefore, we thank to all customers who support us.