In the laying hens’ farms of Super Eggs there are ensured all the conditions for raising the hens in halls on the ground and in improved cages.

There are modern farms that comply with the conditions for the protection of the environment and biosecurity, having implemented the latest technologies available, which ensure the automatic control of feeding, watering, ventilation and heating activities. As well, the farms benefits of sanitary-veterinary filters for controlled access of staff and of the transportation means.

In this manner we ensure conditions at the level of European standards. The hens are fed with feed originating from the own combined feed factory in optimal quantities for the hens’ health, giving us the guarantee of eggs’ quality. We also ensure the optimal daily share of water and the proper sanitation of the raising areas.

The activities are supervised by veterinarians and experienced support staff.

For the feed prepared by our nutritionists and the conditions provided by the personnel of the farms, we make sure that the quality of eggs coming from the hens’ farms is controlled.

These eggs are then transferred to the sorting and packaging center, IFS standard certified.