Super Eggs produces, packages and markets, nationally and internationally, white and red eggs packaged in 6 pieces boxes, 10 pieces boxes, 20 and 30 pieces egg trays.

For supermarkets, they are packaged individually in plastic wrap and delivered on pallets.

For small distributors, deliveries are in carton boxes of 12 eggs trays.

The brand under which Super Eggs sells the produced eggs is leNaturelle brand.

The guarantee of the Super Eggs delivered eggs quality results from the fact that the entire production process is controlled by us, from the feed by which the hens are fed to the packaging of eggs, and their sorting and packaging are performed by one of the best sorting and packaging centers, making sure that the packaged eggs are only of A Category, showing no cracks and no traces of blood inside.

Super Eggs delivers only A Category red and white eggs.

The classification of the eggs is the following:
A - A Category eggs are fresh and intact shell eggs
B – B Category eggs are all eggs that are not in the A Category

Super Eggs delivers red and white eggs having code 2 and code 3.

Classification of eggs by the number code marked on the egg shell is the following:
0 - Eggs from birds fed by organic feed (bio) and raised outdoor
1 - Eggs from birds raised in open spaces
2 - Eggs from birds living on the ground in halls
3 - Eggs from birds raised in improved cages