A part of the eggs sorted in Super Eggs collection, sorting and packaging center (both those of A Category and of B Category) are transferred in the own pasteurized eggs factory.

By using the latest equipment, we separate perfectly whites from yolks, so that at the end of the technological process we obtain a fully pasteurized egg also named liquid egg, and also pasteurized egg white and yolk.

Of course, the factory is modernized and meets the requirements of the latest European standards. All the technological process is automated and controlled so that we have the guarantee that the final products are of the highest quality and kept at optimum temperature and humidity.

The pasteurized eggs, the pasteurized white and the pasteurized yolk are used in various recipes for preparing different foods, recipes that often differ from one another in terms of the technical parameters.

As such, we have adapted perfectly to our customers. Therefore, we prepare both pasteurized eggs and the pasteurized yolks and whites based on the data sheet provided by the customer. In this way the customer is sure that he uses the best raw material for preparing the products he sells.

As well, we deliver the quantities needed by each customer. In this way, the pasteurized eggs are delivered both in 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg bag-in-boxes, in 1 ton tanks and in 20 tons road tankers.

Because they are natural, with no artificial additives, the pasteurized eggs produced and delivered by Super Eggs have a warranty period of 12 days at the refrigerated temperature.

The pasteurized eggs factory owned by Super Eggs is certified according to the IFS standard.