Super Eggs has its own powdered eggs factory by which it ensures the powdered eggs production for the national and international markets, both for the small and the big distribution.

The building of the production assembly of the powdered eggs factory is designed linearly, so that the technological process develops without turns and crossings, starting with the reception and storage of raw materials and ending with the finished product delivery, thus avoiding the cross-contamination.

The technological process provides the quality conditions for the production and the hygiene conditions that respect the national law and the compliance with the EU regulations. All operations and technological stages taking place in the hall of production and the storage areas are controlled and monitored in the production office. Washing of equipment is performed with hot water and food detergents, waste water being discharged through sewage. As well, the plant benefits of sanitary - veterinary filters controlling the access of staff and vehicles.

Within the company we have an operational laboratory to perform the tests necessary for the production, permanently making sure that the eggs, the pasteurized liquid and the powdered eggs are of the highest quality.

Raw materials for obtaining the powdered eggs is represented by mixture or pasteurized egg yolk liquid loaded in road tankers and maintained at a refrigeration temperature. From the road tank, the mixture or the pasteurized egg yolk is transferred to refrigerant tanks with double walls, built of stainless steel where the temperature is monitored continuously. The pasteurized liquid is pre-heated and then pulverized into the drying room being thus instantly transformed into egg powder by dehydration. The dehydration room is built of stainless steel double insulated inside panels, therefore eliminating the risk of product contamination with metal particles or foreign particles coming from outside the dehydration room.

The powdered eggs (mixture or egg yolk) are automatically taken from the dehydration room, weighed and packaged. After weighing and packaging, a metal detector is mounted: if the sensor detects a particle of metal, audible alarms are triggered and they automatically stop the whole process. The container, in which the metal particle is identified, is removed.

In this way we make sure that our customers get high quality powdered eggs, uncontaminated and which can be safely used in food industry.

As the recipe sheets are different from one food area to another, we have adapted to the requests of our customers and we prepare both the integral powdered eggs and the egg yolk powder based on data sheet provided by our customer. Thus, our customer is certain he uses the best raw material for preparing the products he sells.

As well, we deliver the quantities needed by each customer. Therefore, the powdered eggs are delivered in 25 kg boxes and in 650 kg bag-in-boxes.

The powdered eggs produced and delivered by Super Eggs are natural and contain no artificial additives. Their warranty term is of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

The powdered eggs factory owned by Super Eggs is certified according to the IFS standard.