Super Eggs has vertically integrated the entire production cycle, owning the feed production plant, the young chickens’ farm, several laying hens’ farms, the packaging center for eggs, the pasteurized eggs factory, the powdered eggs factory, and a well-developed distribution and logistics.

Due to control of the entire production cycle, from the production of food for the own birds in our own compound feed factory, to the raising of chickens in the own young chickens farms, of laying hens in the own hens’ farms, to packaging of eggs in the IFS certified packaging center, the production and packaging of powdered eggs in the own IFS certified powdered eggs factory and the production and packaging of pasteurized eggs in the own IFS certified pasteurized eggs factory, Super Eggs can guarantee the maximum quality for all its products.

Therefore, the production is as follows:

  • The compound feed, prepared in the own compound feed factory, from raw material purchased from the partner suppliers, is used for the food of chickens and of laying hens.

  • In the youth farm chickens are raised, the chicks are selected and transferred to the farms of laying hens

  • In the eggs selection and packaging center, the A category eggs are packed, which are delivered directly to both small and big distribution customers, and B Category eggs are transferred into the pasteurized eggs factory.

  • In the pasteurized eggs factory, the integral pasteurized liquid, pasteurized egg white or pasteurized yolk are prepared and packaged.

  • In the powdered eggs factory, the integral egg powder and the yolk powder are prepared and packaged.

  • The egg powder and / or pasteurized eggs are then delivered as raw material for the food industry