In the youth farm there are raised young chickens from 1 day up to 18 weeks in order to populate the laying hens’ farms.

Located in Braila region, the youth farm is modernized with the latest technologies on the market.

The young chickens are raised under the strict supervision of veterinarians and of support staff who are highly trained in the field.

The whole activity is provided and controlled by an automated feeding, watering, ventilation and heating system so that chickens are supplied the necessary daily quantities of water and food, and the optimal temperature, humidity and cleaning of the spaces in which they are raised.

In the youth farm there are applied measures that comply with the protection of the environment and the biosecurity conditions. As well, the farm benefits of sanitary- veterinary filters for controlled access of staff and of the transportation means.

Of the youth farm, after reaching the optimal age, the young chickens are transferred in one of the laying hens’ farms of Super Eggs.