Because we own the compound feed factory, we make sure that the laying hens are fed according to the European quality standards, fact which reflects in the quality of their eggs.

Therefore, within the compound feed factory, nutritionists and veterinarians collaborate and establish the correct feed compositions for providing a correct daily feeding of chickens from the youth farm and of the hens from the laying hens’ farm.

In the combined feed factory, the working conditions are ensured to European quality standards. The factory is modernized and we bring in it raw materials from suppliers - reliable partners with whom we have had relations of cooperation for a long time. The feed is free of hormones, of meat powder, antibiotics or of various products such as growth stimulators or other substances hazardous to human health or that of the birds.

Due to the quality of raw materials and the advanced production recipes, we are definitely sure of the quality of poultry feed and, consequently, of the eggs to be delivered or of the ones that will become raw material for the products supplied by us: pasteurized eggs and powdered eggs.