Super Eggs owns one of the largest centers for collecting, sorting and packaging eggs from Romania, IFS quality standard certified.

In accordance with this certification, our customers have the quality guarantee of the eggs and the powdered eggs or the pasteurized eggs delivered to us.

This center incorporates advanced technological equipment which ensures fine operations. First we check the integrity of shells. If a very small crack is detected, even of the micrometer level, the egg is removed in the B Category. As well, the device can detect and remove eggs that show signs such as traces of blood inside, dirt or stains.

In the center we sort the eggs also by size and, after sorting, they enter a disinfection area where we use the best solution of the moment, namely: UV disinfection.

After sorting and disinfecting them, some of the eggs enter the packaging area where they are packaged in 6 or 10 eggs boxes or in 20 or 30 eggs trays, the eggs being separated in red and white and by weight categories. The packaging materials ensure the integrity of eggs during storage and transport.

Another part of the eggs sorted in the Super Eggs collection and sorting center (both A category and B category) are transferred into the pasteurized eggs factory, depending on the market requirements.